selective memory

Kto nemá v hlave, má v pätách- Who doesn’t have (it) in his head, feels it with feet.

I hate being somewhere specifically to buy/do/pick up something then I go back home and realize I forgot it. It can be a few minutes later, the same day, or a couple days later. The end result is always the same- frustration! That’s a fucking burden when I think I’m done with a task/chore, and then I have to re-do it. It reminds me of school.

Usually it happens to me when I have a few things on my mind. For example, I was in decathlon the other day, wanted to change the new shoes I bought, and at the same time I wanted to buy something else. Since it was a whole mission to change the shoes (paperwork, call other shops to check if they have it in stock etc.) I completely forgot about the other thing. Now I’m sitting here, thinking that I should probably go back there. Luckily I have to go there in a few days to pick up the new shoes, but when I have no business there, that’s when I’m being frustrated.

I went grocery shopping in the same shop three times yesterday. The first time I went, I lost my shopping list and I was pissed because I didn’t memorize it so I didn’t really remembered what I needed. Then, headed back home to find out I forgot half of the thing, so I did a new shopping list, and went there with a friend. I was distracted so when I looked at the list, I skipped half of the stuff. Got back home and then was frustrated when I realized I had to go there again.

Not only it’s fucking cold outside and warm indoor (as soon as I get home, I take off the layers, and then going out again is a whole preparation), but also, it’s a fucking waste of time. I could save a whole hour buying everything I need at once instead of going back and forth and buying stuff I forgot. And imagine the feeling when I have to go back for a damn carrot that i really need for tonight’s dinner!

Talking about wasting time, it drives me crazy when I go out of the house, come back because I forgot my money, then go out and come back to pick up my ID, then go out and come back again because I forgot to throw the trash, etc. Now look, it doesn’t happen to me often. it’s not like I have Alzheimer or I’m a lost case, but since I’m thinking of myself as someone with a good memory, those little mistakes are making me angry. How can I forget such simple yet important stuff. Why the hell do I remember this person I met for two minutes, five years ago, which I don’t give a flying fuck about, but I forget to take the trash out when it’s literally waiting for me on my doorstep?!


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