relationship goals

Sometimes I dream about waking up the morning with a new text message on my phone saying, “Hey honey, I woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking of you, of us. I love you.” I’d get excited to read it because of how sweet and sexy it’d be. Better yet, I dream about opening my eyes as the sun is rising after a night of crazy sex and tight sleep and see you laying there, next to me still asleep. That’s so romantic. I’d kiss your juicy lips to wake you up as if you were the sleeping beauty. I’d enjoy seeing your face going from inanimate to animate and smiley after I kissed you. It would be like an object coming to life after throwing a spell on it. But by no means would I want to wake up and see you glaring at me as some sort of psycho because then I’d be so scared. It reminds me of the lion king when Pumba looks at Simba sleeping and then Simba open his eyes and get scared. I don’t want to see you like this:


You’d then open your eyes, smile at me and tell me, “good morning, babe,” before going out of bed to make an awesome breakfast like pancakes with a melting butter cube on top of it and a cup of chocolate milk for both of us. I dig that sweet taste in the morning- it pumps me up for the whole day. That’s sounds so rad. I would definitely see it on an ad. I’d look at your sexy back as well as at your tight ass and long legs while you’d walk out of the bedroom, and I’d bite my lower lip as if I’m telling myself, “She’s smoking hot!” Man! Thinking of that makes me feel so relaxed and happy for living my dream life. I’d get out of bed a few minutes later while the smell of hot pancakes fill up the house, and I’d let my nose guide me just like a blind guy guided by a dog. I’d join you in the kitchen to hold you close to me from behind with my arms around your waist while smelling the flowery perfume of your hair: “mmmmm, it smells so good,” I would say, and you’d smile and tell me “AWWW that’s so sweet of you!” with your feminine voice that turns me on every time I hear it. “Damn it! I finally found the perfect girl for me,” I’d tell you. I’d stay a couple more minutes in this position in which I hold you from behind because I’ve grew up seeing this on TV and thought, “that’s what I want to do with my woman in the future.”

I’d keep telling myself how lucky I am to have you in my life and that things would have to go wrong because “you’re out my league and I don’t deserve you.” In reality, it’d just be my faggy mindset that’d keep bugging me like a mosquito in my back yard during a summer night. But, with time, I’d learn to catch and eradicate this mosquito because if not, it’d just prevent me from focusing on how beautiful and stimulating you are.

We’d then sit there for breakfast silently gazing at each other eyes while feeding one another. It wouldn’t be this awkward silence that shy people have on dates in restaurants, but rather a silence that would eternalize the present moment as if it’s only YOU and ME.






If only you weren’t a girl in my dreams, but the actual girl of my dreams…


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