I just got to class. Sitting here, I’m wondering, why the hell did I get out of bed this morning to come to class?! I don’t like sleeping or spending time in bed, but thinking about class today made me want to stay in bed and be a lazy ass. Today is the first day of class after Easter, a whole week of complete freedom to do whatever I want to do with no constraint of having to go to school, do some homework, etc.

Classes are pretty boring here. Professors are mumbling and monotonous fucks, their English is not good and the cadence of their speech (for most of them) reminds me of an m16 on a semi-automatic mode: three bullets at a time, stop, wash rinse and repeat. This is so bothering. I’m starting to listen to them, they put me to sleep within 10 seconds, so I tune out and start working on my laptop, but even then, it feels like there’s a bugging fly, and I can’t focus on my laptop. That’s so annoying. I’d rather be in a class in which the professor is either not disturbing me from doing what I want on my laptop, or is entertaining and make me want to listen. But in no way I want to feel like I have to go to class because if I don’t, there are going to be only 6 people in class (we are 7) and I’ll get a shittier presence grade.

The professor in class just made a joke and was being nice to me, and I like it. However, it’s not enough to make me care about the lecture. It’s like being locked up in some prison in which the guards torture the prisoners but give them 3 meals a day. That’s just not enough.

I have 5 classes a week and every professor is shitty in his own way: one is just so quiet that I have to put extra effort into listening to her. It makes me lazy and not caring about whatever comes out of her mouth; one is monotonous, put me to sleep, but sometimes his voice is louder and it makes me think that something is going to happen but then I get disappointed that I got scammed; one is just so bad in English that she’s filling the gaps of when she’s looking for some words by a “hhhmmm, eeeehhhh hhmmmmm”; one is so lovely but has no authority whatsoever so sometimes it’s embarrassing when she asks us whether it’s ok if we start class or talk about a certain topic; and the last one is just a broken m16 on a semi-automatic mode and makes it so difficult to follow her, and the craziest thing is that she doesn’t practice what she preaches (i.e. Topics in educational psychology and how to be a good teacher).

What pisses me off about the academic world is that professors don’t have to learn and be tested on how to teach. All they have to do is to publish some articles every year. This is embarrassing as fuck! Imagine you need an electrician for some work at your place, and you get a guy who calls himself a professional because he simply switches on and off the light in a room twice a week. If you want to earn money for something you do in life, you should be a professional in the field. I’m not saying that you should be the best in the whole world, but at least know the topic upside down, and how to apply it. However, thinking about it, even my teachers in high school, the ones who have a teaching degree, were also shitty. That’s why I hate math and history so much. The teachers were giving me all the reasons to skip class. My math teacher was just locking the door, explaining a topic for 20 minutes and letting us do whatever we wanted afterward but we couldn’t ask questions on the topic. The history teacher was only barking some facts and dates that I couldn’t give a flying fuck about. Both of them made me feel like I’m wasting my time and becoming dumber the more I stayed in their classes. I wanted to go to school because I could use that knowledge in the future, not just because I wanted to be the cool guy in school. I was never popular in school so I gave up on that idea a long time ago.

I just recall a class from a few weeks ago. We talked about, “what makes someone a good teacher?” since we were divided into groups, and everyone needed to participate, I made sure everyone took part in the exercise and some of their ideas were delusional, but here’s how a teacher should be: I want my teachers to be unfiltered. I want them to be able to express an idea with the thoughts and emotions they attach to it. If they like it, I want to hear it. If they don’t, I want to feel it; I want my teachers to have authority and keep people in check when they are stepping out of the line. I’m in an international class, so people often speak their own language in front of the lecturer who can’t understand and no one ever tell them to shut up and speak English; I want to care about the topic and have fun learning it, even if it’s a useless topic, because the teacher makes me involved in the lecture- asking questions, making some jokes, having an interactive conversation about it, a nice discussion, etc.

I want to go to class because I feel like if I won’t I’ll miss a lot. I’m not talking about a lot of information that I’ll have to complete on my own free time, but rather miss something meaningful as if I was skipping an episode of the greatest TV show on earth!


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