Can someone explain to me what’s fucking wrong with woman nowadays? I’ve spent three nights in Paris on the way back home. Thought it’ll be easy to find girls on tinder. The kinds of girls who want to have some fun going out for a drink, or just a nice walk around the neighborhood, talk and get to know each other, come back home to cook together, and then fuck like little bunnies all night. No headaches, no complications, nothing.

On my profile I’m stating exactly what I want, and usually get positive feedback. Not only I barely matched with girls, but all of them except for one were either a spam profile, or just not responding. Now look, I don’t think I look like Brad Pitt, but I’m definitely comfortable with how I look, I can get a nice conversation going when I’m motivated to do so, and I get positive reactions most of the time, so that’s definitely not an issue of that sort. The only girl that replied to me seemed to like talking to me with the first exchanges, but as soon as I proposed my sweet ass plan (see above), she unmatched me. And that’s a fucking sex app! Thought Paris would be the blast because there are more people then where I live, but I meet more girls where I live than in Paris. WTF is wrong with women nowadays?!

The problem might be with the fact that sex is still taboo. I noticed it the last few months. There’s always that fucktard who would tell me “we need to know each other better before we do  X ,Y, Z (and it’s not always sexual activities).” You dumb ass, if I want to spend time with you, it’s precisely to get to know you more- sexually and non-sexually! I watch an Israeli comedian’s stand up (Shahar Hasson) the other day. He said, “what’s with girls wanting to know us better?” then he got into the girl’s doggy position pretending he’s being fucked and said “oooooh yes! Your dad is john. Hmmm! Your mom has pimples on her nose. YEEEEES! Your sister is a lesbian. Etc.” That was hilarious and absurd!

Look, a one night stand might be nice when you’re really horny and you want to empty your balls, but I’m more into getting to know the girl first, have a connection and then have sex. However, I don’t need to talk to her for months to get to know her. I don’t need to exchange some dry information to feel comfortable enough to have sex with her. All I need is simply talk about what we like and dislike, have some laughter, see that I like being around that girl. Apparently, most of the girls aren’t like that. They look for the quantity of information rather than the quality.

Some would say, I’m not a slut. Well, here’s what a slut is: a woman sleeping around to get attention. That’s it. You have sex just because you enjoy it; you’re a smart woman embracing her desires. You fuck a guy just because you want to flatter your ego and feel like you’re being liked, you’re a slut!

A boy meets a girl, they feel comfortable being around each other, make some jokes, no filter, no bullshit, they end up having sex. What’s wrong with that scenario?! Apparently everything if I listen to most of the girls nowadays. Add to that that some girls are so fucking delusional that they want to feel like the guy really cares about them, hold on tight, by getting flowers, chocolates, getting the guy to cook for her, etc.. How the hell did they become so fucking selfish, just demanding and not giving back?! What would she do with chocolates, flowers and all that bullshit?! The fact that I’m investing time in you by talking to you is enough. And if I feel like doing more than that (e.g. cooking for you) so be it, but it shouldn’t be a criterion to whether I’m into you and whether I deserve to have sex with you.

The most retarded thing yet is the hypocrisy of feminism wanting equality, while they only want to benefit from inequality. They have some shitty standards (e.g. paying on the first date, offer them gifts, give them flowers on the date, etc.), but it’s only to serve them. So if they want equality how about paying for your fucking share in the restaurant, or at least give me a freaking amazing blowjob?! Because if you expect me to do something for you, you’d better be ready to meet my expectations as well!

I’m getting off track a bit. Long story short, when I see nowadays that having sex with a girl is a fucking mission, it makes me frustrated. What happened to those spontaneous girls? Be open minded. Go out, have fun, and if you enjoyed it… wash rinse and repeat. Why do you have to complain about guys lying to you pretending they are in love so they can get into your panties, but when you have someone who’s straightforward with what he wants you see it as the worst thing… the devil.

Turning their back to sex, is like giving your back to your favorite meal. You know you enjoy it, you know you’ll get a mouthgasm, but you just ignore it. And for what? Exactly… no logical reason. Just because. We are both attracted to each other, but one of us has to act like a nun and repress her urges/feelings/desires.


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